What are the uses of Non-surgical Breast Enhancements?

The desire for some people to have fuller, firmer, breasts is often left unsatisfied. The fear of complications from standard breast enhancement through cosmetic surgery means deprives them of having the physical appearance they truly desire. However, to remove their fears they might simply look into a branch of cosmetic enhancement known as non-surgical breast enlargement.

Non-surgical breast enhancement is an umbrella term for any type of breast enhancement that occurs through non-surgical means. The methods for this vary greatly. The most common methods involve breast enlarging vacuum pumps, fat transfer injections, pill form supplements, and specific undergarments designed to give the appearance of a larger, firmer, bust line.

Vacuum pumps for breast enlargement are a rather hit or miss solution. Some individuals have seen an increase in breast size of up to a full cup over a period of several months. Other individuals have not managed to find these devices effective at all. Typically these devices cause initial increase due to swelling. The swelling will subside rapidly in the course of a few hours. It takes several months for any real increase to show.

Fat transfer injections are used to take fat from one part of an individual’s body and then transfer it to the breasts. Some people consider this a surgical form while others consider it non-surgical. The major advantages include limited scarring and no risk of rejection. The disadvantages are that it often takes several surgeries to get the proper size and some individuals do not have enough fat to transfer.

Pill form supplements have existed for a while with varying results. These items seem to work in most cases but, generally speaking, it will be much more beneficial to combine exercise of the pectoral muscles with the pills if a natural breast enhancement is desired. An increase to the size and strength of the pectorals will not, by itself, make breasts larger but this can make them perkier and firmer and, thereby, supplement the enhancement effects of the pills. Breasts are crafted of fat and muscle. Some natural methods of increasing breast size are to gain weight or gain muscle, possibly both.

Outside of actually changing the size and appearance of the breast through pills, fat transfer, or suction, there exist a wide variety of garments designed specifically to give an individual the appearance of a firmer, perkier, bust line. Some would-be patients might find this to be the best method, especially if they are on a budget.

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