Toning the stomach after breast enlargement surgery

Breast enlargement surgery has gained popularity with society’s pressure on women having “the perfect body.” In the past, those in the entertainment industry were the main individuals who underwent this surgery. This paved the way for other women to gain knowledge and undergo the surgery themselves. Breast enlargement surgery is considered a type of cosmetic procedure; however there is still a substantial amount of recovery time. Once the healing process is complete, many women are focused on improving the rest of their body, such as the tummy, in order to achieve the “complete package.” With the new implants, however, this may be more of a challenge then they imagined. Here are some tips and tricks to follow in order to tone your tummy, strengthen your core and be healthier after breast enlargement surgery.

Due to the additional weight of the implants, many women may experience back pain after having the surgery. If they follow a regular exercise regimen, they may be able to prevent or reduce the amount of pain they experience.

Problems Associated with Implants and Exercising

If a person was an avid runner prior to implants, they may find it painful to run at their previous pace, due to the new implants. A way to remedy this is to add a quality made sports bra, which fits correctly. The wider straps and tightness of the garment will minimize the bouncing and movement of the breasts.

Other high-intensity workout routines may also be difficult after the breast enlargement surgery. Some alternatives to traditional cardiovascular workouts, which are low-intensity yet tone the tummy and strengthen the core include:

–          Yoga

–          Pilates

–          Ti-Chi

–          Leg raises, abdominal crunches and the plank

Having a strong core may also reduce the amount of back pain associated with breast implants. Some other low-intensity core strengthening exercises include:

–          Pelvic Lift

–          Bridging

–          Upper Body Extension

–          Prone Ball Walk

These exercises are also easy to do for those women who are getting accustomed to their new breast implants.

Although abdominal crunches are the best exercise for toning the tummy, they may be more difficult to preform correctly after breast enlargement surgery. If this is the case an ‘ab circle pro’ will give the same results with a different, breast implant friendly, motion. This piece of equipment uses a twisting motion while the person is on all fours. This means no movement or impact is coming near the breasts, yet still providing benefits to the core and tummy.

Of course, anyone who wishes to tone and strengthen their abdominals and core should follow a healthy, low-fat diet to optimize results. Although breast enlargement surgery may change the way a person exercises, with a little modification they do not have to hinder the results. Allowing ample healing time is essential after the surgery. Once healing is done start slow with the exercises and routines listed above to achieve the results that are desired.

Author Bio – Jonny Webber lives in Manchester, where he works as a freelance writer; the main topics he writes about are health, eco living, and cosmetic surgery. For more information on weight loss and breast enlargement please contact one of the many obesity and breast consultants in the country.

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