Taking Care Of Your Breasts – Why An Ill-Fitting Bra Could Be Causing Health Problems

Every woman feels relief at the end of the day when they can finally take off their bra. However, for many women it could be made worse by the fact that they’re wearing the wrong bra size. There have been all kinds of news reports on the sheer number of women who have chosen the wrong size, with statistics as high as 75 percent. The wrong size bra can make your breasts look mis-shapen, your posture bad, and can even cause some unexpected health issues.

Changes in breast size

The main reason for women wearing the wrong size bra is that their breasts have changed size or shape, yet they are buying the same bra size out of habit. There are many reasons why breasts can change over time, such as breastfeeding, weight changes, or simply getting older. A woman’s body is constantly changing, and during times like the menopause, women will often notice her breasts becoming less firm and perky. It’s a natural process, like testosterone hair loss in men, but can be upsetting. That’s why so many women choose products like Breast Actives to keep their breasts full and shapely when these kinds of changes have happened. It’s also important to get a bra fitting if you suspect you have changed size. Look out for signs such as straps digging into your shoulders, your breasts spilling out the cups, or your bra leaving red marks when you take it off. Most lingerie and department stores will be happy to give you a free bra fitting, so don’t put up with discomfort.

If you can’t make it to a department store, there are online videos about how to measure yourself. It may not be as accurate as a fitting from a professional, but should give you a general idea about whether you’re wearing the right size. Shopping for bras online may not be the best idea, as you’ll need to try them on to truly appreciate the fit.

Restrictive bras

Wearing a bra that’s too tight isn’t only uncomfortable, it can cause long term health problems. Studies have blamed restrictive bras on everything from bowel to breathing problems, If you’ve suffered from these kinds of issues, then buying a new bra could help ease your symptoms. Wearing a bra that’s too tight can also cause lumps called lymphomas, so make sure that the straps and hooks don’t dig into your skin. Bras with wide, padded straps are ideal for everyday wear, and they can provide a great deal of support. If you have a bra fitting, be sure to ask them how to adjust your new bra, as this will help with the small changes that happen on a month to month basis.

Loose bras

Having a bra that’s too loose can also be unflattering, and can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. A lack of support can cause bad posture, meaning you’re walking around looking hunched up. Loose bras can even cause back fat, as your breasts are tugging downwards on the straps, causing that ugly bulge that can be seen through your clothes. Make sure that your band isn’t too loose either, as this leads to the shoulders carrying your breast weight, when it should be carried by your mid to lower back. A supportive bra will instantly improve your posture, as well as your confidence.

It’s not just your posture that suffers from a overly loose bra either. Osteopaths have theorized that a badly supporting bra could be causing you headaches, as well as many other aches and pains. If you’re leaning forward all the time because of lack of support, you can end up carrying weight on your ribcage, leading to a curved upper spine. The nerves in this area are directly connected to symptoms such as headaches. If you’ve been reaching for the pain pills a lot lately, then try a few days with a better fitting bra to see if it improves.

Many women are suffering from the effects of a badly fitted bra, but it’s not too late to undo the damage. Get a proper fitting, and learn to adjust your bra properly, so you can feel confident and comfortable everyday. It’s certainly something to try before investing in expensive trips to a chiropractor or osteopath. If you’re suffering from the long term effects of a badly fitted bra, then products such as Breast Actives can help give you back the shape and perkiness that you used to have. Remember to get a new bra fitting whenever you go underwear shopping, as your breasts will constantly change throughout your life.

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