Double Benefit Boob Job

A new cosmetic surgery technique has been developed that provides two benefits to women opting for breast augmentation surgery. The procedure uses unwanted fat from other parts of the body to enlarge and enhance the breasts.

This breast enhancement procedure takes excess fat from thighs and stomach and moves it to the breasts. Consequently, the patient’s thighs and stomach become slimmer and sleeker while her boobs become larger and sexier! It is claimed that the results are outstanding with larger breasts that look and feel completely natural, since no artificial implants are inserted. In fact, the newly enlarged breasts are totally natural, as the enhancement is done with the woman’s own fat.

The pioneering technique has been tested in Britain and the US and is expected to be offered to women in the UK by early 2010. Experts have predicted that this procedure, which will perhaps cost around £8000, will eventually overtake implant surgery and will dominate the cosmetic surgery market.

According to the Harley Medical Group, the results experienced by patients in the US and UK, who had the procedure four or five years ago, have shown that the effects are long-lasting and without complications.

Dr. Zdenek Pros, a consultant surgeon trained in the procedure, said: “This type of augmentation technique is very effective in enabling surgeons to shape the breast and achieve smooth, natural-looking contours.”

So, does this mean that natural, non-surgical breast enlargement will become irrelevant in the future? I do not believe so.

Firstly, a cost of £8000 (approx.$13000) puts this out of reach for thousands of women. Even, amongst those who can afford this cost, there will be many who will consider it unjustified for what is, after all, just a cosmetic procedure.

Secondly, the general risks of any kind of surgery remains and there are many women who will be reluctant to undergo elective surgery to enhance their boobs.

Therefore, at least as an initial first option, thousands of women will surely continue to opt for a 6 months course of Breast Actives at a cost of $240 to see if they can develop the boobs they want without surgery and at minimal cost.

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