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  1. admin (Post author)

    Hi Lia,
    Breast Actives enhancement results are permanent. Please go to where you will find complete details about this product and answers to your questions. In case you still have further questions to which you do not find answers, feel free to either post in this blog or to email us at

  2. Lia

    If I use breast actives for 6 months, get the results I am looking for, and discontinue the use of the product, would I keep the results or will my breasts go back to the size they were before?

  3. admin (Post author)

    Sorry, but this is the policy of the manufacturer and it has been clearly stated on the page linked by “Refund Policy and Procedure” at

  4. Bridge

    I’ve been taking breast actives now for 3-1/2 months and haven’t had any increase in size. I believe it’s said that one would notice during the third month. I have a 4 month supply and was told by the 4th month one would have increased size, I don’t want to spend the extra money for 6 months for maximum when I haven’t seen anything as of yet. Also, the money back guarantee seems not to be a good deal since it notes that you are only refunded for what is sent back. If one goes the full 3 months since it takes 3 months before you see anything, there is no product to send back and in my case, if I sent back the 4th month, I’d only get one month back. I really wouldn’t be getting a 100% satsifaction money back guarantee, would I?

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