Breast Exercises – Shape and Lift Your Breasts

Many women want to know what exercises they can do, in the privacy of their homes, to improve the lift, firmness and over-all appearance of their breasts. While there is a misconception among some women that exercises for the chest may actually make the breasts appear smaller, generally the opposite is true. Provided there is no significant loss of weight along with these exercises, women who strengthen their pectoral muscles will notice enhanced firmness and lift in their breasts, along with a more rounded and “perkier” look to their bust lines.

Breast spot-toning and firming exercises are especially helpful for women who have breast fed, and women who are left with sagging or drooping breasts that have lost tone and firmness over the years.

We describe here some exercises you can do, in the privacy of your home, to enhance the shape, lift and tone of your breasts. Not only will they help give you an attractive and shapely bust line, they are excellent muscle conditioning and strengthening exercises for the chest area.

1)The “fly” or butterfly with 2-3 lb. weights – Lie on your back with your arms extended out to the sides of your body. Lift both arms (with weights) off of the floor simultaneously to the point of a “V” in front of your face. Repeat 10-15 times.

2)Modified push ups – Doing a modified push up, on your knees, with arms extended out toward the sides or your body is an excellent breast toning and firming exercise. Be sure the angle of the push up is working the side of your arms where the arm meets the breast, as well as squeezing the pectoral muscles gently with each repetition.

3)Extend your arm in front of your body, at a ninety degree angle to your midsection. Take your other arm and gently squeeze the extended arm into your chest, feeling the side of the breast (pectoral) muscle squeezing. Repeat ten times on each side.

4)Any time you are at your desk or sitting, a great refresher as well as an excellent bust enhancing exercise is to gently squeeze both arms into the sides of the breasts, feeling the side of the pectoral muscle contract gently. Hold for a few seconds. This exercise is a great re-energizer for those with desk jobs and can be done discreetly and frequently, virtually unnoticed.

These breast firming and toning mini-workouts will get you on your way to a fuller, rounder bust-line, as well as help to lift any sagging or drooping of the breasts. Not only that, they are an excellent way to help tone and firm your upper arms for a sleek, defined shape !

Combine these exercises with Breast Actives pills and cream to enlarge and enhance your breasts for a sexy and attractive bust line.

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