Breast Augmentation Post Surgery Treatment

Breast Augmentation Post Surgery Treatment

As well as the surgery, there are a lot of things that you need to do after having your procedure. Here, we will explore an answer to the question; what is breast augmentation, and more about treatment after cosmetic surgery in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the surgery that involves using implants in order to fill the area under the breast. This surgery involves inserting a silicone bag underneath the pectoral muscles and filling it with saline solution.

Treatment after Surgery

Unfortunately, rehabilitation is not a short process when somebody has had breast augmentation surgery. There are several options for your immediate rehabilitation, and they include; being released into the care of a family member or caregiver, or a Recovery Facility, where you will be looked after by medically trained professionals.

It is important that for a couple of days after your surgery you walk around for a few minutes every couple of hours. This is because there is a small risk of clotting in your legs and walking around stops this being an issue.  Make sure you also drink plenty of water and make sure you rest whenever you feel tired.

It is likely that you will feel stiff for up to a week in the chest after your surgery. After your first consultation, which should be within a week of the surgery, you may be advised to wear a support bra. After the week, your breasts may still feel sensitive to touch. However, you should be able to get back to normal activities (work) in a few days after the surgery.

You should also avoid lifting or pushing or pulling heavy items for a certain amount of time as set by your surgeon. Do not be worried if you see bruising after the surgery as this is common, but it should fade in a few days. Swelling can take up to a month to disappear but the worst of it should be gone inside a week.

If you are looking at breast augmentation Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, then you need to make sure you understand what to expect in the aftermath. Many people make sure they clear their diary for a week after the surgery so that they can recover.

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