The Sensual Appeal of Female Boobs

girl with sexy breasts enhanced by Breast ActivesThe distinctive curve of a woman’s breasts, their sensitivity to touch, their erotic appeal, the responsiveness of the nipples and their role in feeding babies give them an aesthetic appeal and functional quality that are distinctly feminine. The human female breast is a beautiful alluring feature of the female body that holds an irresistible attraction for the male. The female breast holds a great deal of sensual and erotic appeal. For this reason, a woman with small or unshapely breasts can suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence. For such women, the Breast Actives natural breast enlargement program has brought new opportunities for developing sexy boobs without the pain, risk and high cost of implant surgery.

Women tend to view their breasts through the prism of what they perceive to be their desirability to men. Men’s magazines such as Playboy and FHM mould cultural attitudes about the ideal size and shape of the female breast. These magazines feature women with large, uplifted boobs and slim bodies. Women’s magazines tend to reinforce this view, regularly featuring articles and advice about ways and methods to enhance and firm the breasts. The implication is that by developing larger and firmer boobs, women are better able to attract the opposite sex and thereby have more active and fulfilling social lives. Of late, both the electronic and the print media have focused on methods for natural breast enlargement using pills and creams based on phytoestrogens.

sexy boobsDesirable and sexy female breasts are considered to be round, large, firm and positioned high on the chest. When boobs are large, their weight tends to pull them down and they will tend to droop and lose firmness. Therefore, correct support with well-designed and correctly fitting bras is very important for retaining and maintaining the shape of large breasts. It is also a reality that women’s breasts tend to lose volume and shape after childbirth, weight loss and with advancing age. To overcome this situation, the Breast Actives natural breast enhancement program, based on herbal pills plus enhancement cream plus breast exercises,  can enhance the size, shape and firmness of female breasts.

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